Titanium Pocket Clip to fit MD2, MD3, MD4 Bodies

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Titanium Pocket Clips are custom manufactured in the USA by Prometheus Lights.

Designed to fit between the Body and Tailcap of the Malkoff MD2, MD3, and MD4 Bodies.

Material: Aerospace Grade ASTM Certified Domestic 6Al/4V titanium (50% more expensive than consumer grade titanium) insures maximum quality and consistency. 



The clips also fit many Surefire lights and SF clones. You need to use an o-ring to fill the gap. We provide two black nitrile o-rings. Tailcap lockout function is not compromised.

Compatibility List:

This list is not exhaustive, but should give you a good idea of what works.

    • 6P
    • 6PX Pro
    • G2 Nitrolon
    • G2X Pro
    • G2X Tactical
    • Fury
    • P2X Fury Defender