Malkoff MDC Bodyguard Head

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Hard Anodized Black MDC Bodyguard Head. This is a specialized tactical flashlight head with up to 900 out the front lumens depending on battery configuration.

The head is fully potted and utilizes a TIR Optic for a good balance of spot and spill.  The LED is a Cool White (6200K) Cree XP-L.

The MDC Bodyguard Head will support one primary CR123 lithium battery, one rechargeable Li-ion battery (Be sure to use a battery that can support up to 2+ amps of drain), or two primary CR123 lithium batteries.

Mode of Operation: 

When activated the light comes on in High.  The light will maintain this output for 8 seconds.  The light will automatically step down to a lower output after the initial 8 seconds.  Each time the switch is activated, the countdown timer is reset.  In this fashion, the light Always comes on in the Highest output.  The lower output is to maintain tactical awareness without overheating the light or the battery. 

Summary of Output: 

CR123 (3 volts) ------ 600 lumens Momentary, 400 lumens 8 sec., 175 lumens

1x Li-ion Rechargeable Cell ------ 800 lumens Momentary, 700 lumens 8 sec., 200 lumens

2x CR123 (6 volts) ------ 900 lumens Momentary, 750 lumens 10 sec., 180 lumens

Battery life is dependent on the amount of high output time utilized.  The light will pull 2+ Amps at high output.  Expect 15 to 45 minutes of usage depending on how the high output mode is used.  A single Rechargeable High Drain Li-ion battery will give the best balance of performance/runtime.

This Flashlight is protected from reverse polarity. 

This Flashlight was designed for rugged service from the ground up.  It is fully potted to stand up to rough service and recoil.  This Item is Covered by Our Lifetime Warranty.

Things to Know Before Purchase:

This head was designed for use with a one or two primary lithium CR123 Batteries, or one rechargeable Li-ion cell.  Best balance of performance and runtime is achieved with one high drain (2+ Amps) Li-ion rechargeable cell.  However, battery voltage should be checked often to avoid damage to the cell.

The input voltage of the Head is 3 - 6 volts. Input voltages of more than 6 volts may damage this flashlight.

This light is protected against reverse polarity.

WARNING: This light is capable of causing eye damage at close range. Please use the light responsibly!!!

Made in the USA. Some parts not domestically sourced.