Malkoff MDC 16650 365nm Ultraviolet Flashlight

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Malkoff MDC 16650 Flashlight (Black Type III Hard Anodized) with Malkoff MDC 365nm 900mw UV Head. The LED is a Lite-on C03 UV LED.  The switch is a forward clicky with momentary function.

This is a very powerful Ultraviolet light. The design utilizes a custom orange peel reflector designed by Don McLeish.  The reflector offers a very nice balance between throw and spill. The current draw is only 450ma at 6 volts. The full output runtime is approximately 3 hours on two CR123 primary batteries with a nice long taper as voltage drops.

The input voltage is 3.8 - 9 volts. Below 3.8 volts it will drop out of regulation and run direct drive.  This dropin is protected against reverse polarity.

Malkoff MDC 16650 (Black Type III HA) Flashlight body, and head made of 6061 T6 Structural Aircraft Grade Aluminium.  The switch is a McClickie forward clickie.  The body is O-Ringed and Gasketed for weather-tightness.  Type III Anodizing is utilized on exterior.  The interior is Chemfilmed for corrosion protection.  It is sized for two CR123 or one 18650 cell(s).  The flashlight is 5 inches in length.  The body is 0.795 inch in diameter.  The head is 1 inch in diameter.

This Malkoff Flashlight is designed for rugged service from the ground up.  It is fully potted to stand up to rough service.

This item is covered by Our Lifetime Warranty. 

Made in the USA. Some parts not domestically sourced.

WARNING: This light is capable of causing eye damage. Please use the light responsibly!!!