Malkoff MD2


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Malkoff MD2 (Black Type III HA) Flashlight body, head, and tailcap only.  This is not a working flashlight.  It does not include a Dropin (light engine).  It is a three piece (head, body, and tailcap) flashlight, made of 6061 T6 Structural Aircraft Grade Aluminium.  The switch is a McClickie forward clickie.  The body is O-Ringed and Gasketed for weather-tightness.  Type III Anodizing is utilized on exterior.  The interior is Chemfilmed for corrosion protection.  It is sized for two CR123 or one 18650 cell(s).

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The head does include a lens and head gasket.  It was specially designed for M61 Dropins.  The M61 is held securely in the head (against the lens and sealing gasket) with a threaded retaining ring.

Each body is laser engraved with the Model Number, Serial Number, and Made in USA logo.

This is for the Flashlight Only and Does NOT Include a M61 Dropin (light engine).  They are sold separately.