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Send us an email with your personal story and we might just add it here!

Good Afternoon Gene, Cathy, Todd,

Thanks so much.  I just received my order for the M61, the head for the E2 and a couple CR123 batteries. 

I could tell by the packaging alone how much pride you take in your products and your business.  It's rare these days to see that kind of attention to detail. 

What's more, the products themselves are awesome.  My old Surefire 6z which I carried on duty as a federal LEO, and my E2e have been brought into the 21st century. 

Both items worked flawlessly seconds after removing them from their envelopes and installing them on the lights. 

My E2e is an olive green color so the fact that the new head is black would be the only thing that would make someone look twice at the light. 

The light output is beyond what I expected. Kudos. 

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your workmanship and professionalism and also for adjusting my order so I could enjoy the $14 savings I would have received had I not placed the first portion of the order via amazon. 

I will be going on NC Gun Owner's in a few minutes to let one of the EMT's on the site know how pleased I am. 

You can be sure that when I have need of lights in the future, you will be my first stop. Same applies when someone needs a recommendation. 

All the best, 

Elliott P. 8/27/2016

What a Difference.

I was about to deep-six all of my 2D and 3D MagLites because they simply didn't provide the light and intensity of newer flashlights.  I'd tried upgrading my old MagLites lights with xenon and led modules, but they were all... unworthy.  Enter Malkoff replacements.

The LED conversion takes two or three minutes and the difference is, well... night and day.  The modules are well-built, and the other products e.g., the bezels and end caps, are precise and well made.

Seriously, you can't physically protect yourself with a tiny Streamlight; a 2D or 3D MagLite is another matter entirely.  The heft, brightness, and precision are all *unmatched.*

The icing on the cake is the "Made in America" aspect, as well as the unrivaled customer service.  I placed an order on Sunday afternoon and had a tracing number LATER THAT FREAKING NIGHT! How awesome is that?  I even got a handwritten thank you note from Cathy, not some generic computer-generated response.

Buy these products.  You won't be disappointed.

Joseph E. 7/1/2016

Rejuvenation for a 25 year old Magliite!

I wanted to tell you about my experience with my maglite conversion.  I was issued  a 3 Cell Maglite when I was a C-141 Flight engineer with the USAF Reserves many years ago in 1997.. The light was used to pre and post flight the airplane for years and I kept that flashlight as a memento  of 25 years of military service.

However, fast forward a few years, the intensity of the original light bulb was marginal at best and with a the addition of new batteries and it's brightness was equivalent to maybe 4 candles.  What I can't believe is the illumination of that original bulb and just figured that's just the way it was and it worked as advertised… The 3 cell light was big enough not to lose and could be used as a weapon if ever needed. 

My search ended when I came across your web site and decided to order your upgrade kit.  The installation was as simple as can be and within minutes it was switched over.  I believe I blinded myself when I first turned it on and simply couldn't believe I had been using the other light for so long… It truly is amazing!  I've had the LED installed in this flashlight for almost 2 years and use it all the time… The batteries power the LED for what seems like forever.

I recently found my other 3 D-Cell Maglite I had laying around and then decided to bring both to work and show some of my co-workers.  The gasps of "OMG that's Crazy" resonated around the room as both lights had new batteries.  Of course I passed on the website to these guys and hopefully they will follow suit. 

My wife was saying just the other day she needed a flashlight and couldn't find mine… so I just ordered another conversion for my second light. 

Thanks in advance and please pass on my total satisfaction with your product to those who developed it.. Your product certainly has saved the big 3 D-cell light from the recycle bin!  The little LED lights that are available today are awesome, but can get lost quite easily… I know, I've had a couple.

Thanks again,

Robert F.

PS. My coworker just ordered one too!!!!

10 minutes with a Wildcat

I was excited to get my Wildcat and take it on an evening dog walk.
I don't have any great "tactical" need for my flashlights, but I appreciate quality tools that work--every time.
As we were walking on the dark sidewalk, a cyclist was coming down the sidewalk at a high rate of speed (on the wrong side of the street, mind you--where he shouldn't have been on the sidewalk in the first place).
I yelled for him to stop--he couldn't hear because he was going too fast. So, I shined my brand new Wildcat right in his face--750 lumens right in the eyes stopped him in his tracks. For those who have ever seen the "Harry Potter" movies, it was like a Patronus charm--nearly like a force-field of disorientation. As he recovered and went by (now on the street) he said "man, that light is bright...."
The Wildcat is what saved us from a certain impact by a reckless cyclist. It is simply the hot-roddingest hot-rod light there is, bar none. It works, it is amazingly bright, and it paid for itself within 10 minutes on the walk. Thanks, Gene!

David Wilson
Englewood, CO, United States
10/19/2010 13:15

Wildcat vs reckless driver

I often carry my warm-white wildcat (version 1, 4 emitters at 495 lumens) while walking at night. I find that the most effective way to use it is to point the light at the ground and let my arms swing normally. The moving spot of light really grabs attention without blinding, and it is possible for drivers to judge distance to the spot much better than if it is shining at their face. However, some drivers are so out of it that a shot in the face is required in order to wake them up. Recently one reckless driver intent on a prime parking space came around the corner fast and wide, it looked like my mom and I were going to get hit in seconds. I gave him a 1/2 second shot in the face and he stopped cold. Great stuff, Gene!

John Shalamskas
Santa Clara, CA, United States
10/23/2010 4:21

One of the best kept secrets

"As a general contractor with 31 years of experience I have zero tolerance for products that are not the best in class. With the abuse my crews place on tools and the demand that they always perform at their best we have discovered that quality is always the most economical solution.

After testing Malkoff Devices by purchasing an M61W drop-in to replace an existing SureFire lamp it quickly became obvious from the performance, reliability, beam quality of the Malkoff that we had made the right choice. (the SureFire and our other lights in comparison were anemic).

Based on our experience with the M61W drop-in we soon purchased a Malkoff Wildcat @ 750 lumens. I honestly can not express how pleased we are with the Wildcat as well. So much power in such a compact, rugged design, long battery life too. We no longer waste time grabbing a bulky extension cord and powerful flood light - because there's no need, we have all the power we need right on our belt.

Military and Law Enforcement seem to have known about Malkoff for some time, but for the rest of us Malkoff Devices is one of the best kept secrets in led flashlights.

The fact that it's a 'Made in America' product is the icing on the cake.

We intend to buy more."

P. Kerr
Los Angeles, CA, United States
11/4/2010 13:45


Just received my maglite 2D drop-in from Malkoff Devices. WOW! Very well made! VERY bright! Had to take the batteries out to prove to my neighbor that there were only 2 in it! Love that it retains focusing ability. This is now my "Go to" light! will be ordering another unit for my old 5D maglite VERY soon! Thanks to Mr. Malkoff and his crew for a fine American made product!! P.S. I have a couple other LED lights that are rated at more lumens than this drop-in, but i assure you that Malkoff units seem to be under-rated! These things are AMAZING!!!

Mike Ford
Rushville, IL, United States
2/14/2011 18:01

HoundDog is a great duty light!!

Working as a law enforcement officer, like many others, I rely on my tools to help me perform my job effectively and safely.

I was on a ride-along with another LEO buddy of mine (so yes I was working for free that night, heheh) and I brought along my Malkoff HoundDog (XP-G, MD4) as my primary duty light. My buddy was using a 2-cell Cree light and his other buddies were sporting Streamlight Stingers.

It was a night shift, and we had a very steady night, including breaking up fights, searching homes, looking for addresses - all routine stuff.

My point is, my HoundDog kicked ass, major ass!!

The beam and output was so SUPERIOR to anything else the other (paid) officers were using :)

I was going to use my Wildcat V.1 but opted for the extra THROW of the HD. The HD's XP-G Cree was more than adequate for the night shift.

When I want a WALL of light, I use the Wildcat V.1, but when I need more throw my HoundDog more than fits the bill.

Geez, I can only imagine what the XM-L's real-world output and performance would be like... but I have to say, if you don't want to spend too much (although it's always worth every penny with Gene's products, IMO!!), the HoundDog XP-G version would suit most LEO's and civilians just fine.

HoundDog = Such a great bright hotspot and ample spill with no visible artifacts at all. Two outputs (High & Low) to fit pretty much any application.

And using the MD4 formfactor allowed me to use 2 x 18650's for maximum runtime. Awesome!!

I'm an admitted flashaholic so I suppose I have an advantage over the others in the area of illumination tools...

Thanks Gene et al!!

Federal Gov't, Canada
2/18/2011 18:11

3-6 D Mag dropin

Just got my dropin install is a snap and shipping was really fast. Awesome product and there's nnothing better than when u call and can get support straight from the owner GREAT JOB MR MALKOFF and THANKS!!

Ryan Schremmer
Wichita, KS, United States
2/25/2011 18:25

M91 = Instant daylight!

We were in the middle of a vinyl siding job recently during the evening. Not wanting the oncoming nightfall to keep us from finishing the side we were working on, I went inside and retrieved a extended Surefire 6P loaded with a M91 module. Instant daylight. It lit up the entire side of the building. We worked for close to an hour after dark to finish the job.

Benjamin Johnson
Evarts, KY, United States
7/8/2011 20:10

The Best!

My family and friends visit Black Gap Wildlife Management Area as often as possible. Our Malkoff flash lights stand up to very, very difficult conditions -- incredibly fine sand, heat (100 degrees + at night), swift H20. Black Gap is one of the most remote areas on the NA Continent. Our safety and well being is dependent on these lights! We are miles and miles away from help and assistance -- Malkoff Wildcat V2, Malkoff Houndog, Malkoff MD3 M91, Malkoff MD 2, & 4 work flawlessly -- ALWAYS, ALL OF THE TIME. Gene and Cathy are the of greatest business people -- their line of products is SECOND TO NONE.

Jan M. Williams
Alpine, TX, United States
8/4/2011 19:48