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Malkoff Devices Drop-in Instructions

Drop-In Instructions

Converting a Regular Maglite® Flashlight or Surefire Flashlight into a Super Bright White LED Flashlight

The Malkoff Devices D-Cell Drop-in Replacement module fits Maglite® Brand flashlights that have a "C" or "D" as the first letter of the serial number and Surefire® flashlight models 6P, 6Z, M2, C2 and G2.

Carefully remove the device from the packing materials.  While the Dropin/upgrade is designed for rough service. the LED itself is very fragile and can be easily damaged from pressure to the clear dome.  Avoid touching the LED during installation.  If the dome becomes soiled, it can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.  Never use anything else to clean the dome.

Maglite® LED Conversion

Remove the head from the light.

Remove the lens from the head, and replace the reflector with a cutoff reflector. If cutting your own, leave approximately 1/8" tubing above reflector as shown in the picture. You may purchase a pre-cut reflector from us.


Remove the retaining ring and bulb from the light.

The Dropin/upgrade is fitted with a wedging assembly for securing in the module after installation.  Align the wedging assembly so that the heatsink will slide down into the body tube.  You may need to loosen the assembly (with the screw on the top flat surface of the heatsink).

Center the dropin

Center the Dropin/upgrade (LED pointed up) in the body tube and push it straight in.  D sized should be about 1/4" +or- below the outer lip of the light body.  C sized should be just a hair below flush. 

Use a small screw driver

Use a small screw driver to tighten the wedging nut assembly while holding the Dropin/upgrade in place.  Tighten firmly. The drop-in should NOT be free to slide in and out and should stay in place.

Test the light

Test the light to insure it is working. Take care not to shine the light in your or someone else's eyes.

Screw the head back on.  Twisting the head in or out is used to focus the light.

The Dropin/upgrade can be removed by loosening the assembly.

WARNING: This light is capable of causing eye damage at close range. Please use the light responsibly!!!