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About Us

Malkoff Devices, Inc. manufactures Malkoff LED Flashlights and drop-in LED lamp assemblies for Surefire® and MagLite® Flashlights

The need:

Living on a farm in Southeast Alabama, I always have the need for a decent flashlight. I owned the usual collection of rechargeable spot lights, six volt lanterns, and 2 and 3 cell flashlights. As a general rule, these lights were always in need of recharging or the batteries were just plain dead..

What happened to me:

It's 11:00 pm. The dog is raising sand, the chickens are squawking, a growling noise emanates from the woods adjacent to the pen. Quick! Grab the 12 gauge and the spot light and into the dark I go. Hit the spot. Aha, the culprit stands ready to devour one of my Cochins (fancy poultry for those that don't know). Well not this time. What! The light is down to nothing...................

Finding the solution:

I needed a light that was bright, portable, and efficient. In the local department store, a few years ago, I spied the LED FLASHLIGHT. It proved portable, efficient, and cheap to operate. However, the throw and brightness were disappointing for my needs. I decided to do a little research and learn about these LEDs. Thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours later, I developed the first generation of Maglite modifications. My Father in Law had to have one. He showed it around and I was soon modifying Maglites for friends and neighbors locally. Before long I began selling modified lights on EBay.

Early Malkoff Maglite Modification

At this point, the idea of a "Drop-in" lamp assembly was formed. This went through several iterations before the current design for a Maglite dropin upgrade evolved. Somewhere along this path an acquaintance suggested a dropin/upgrade lamp replacement for the Surefire P60 type lamp. The original M60 was soon born. This has evolved into the current M61. Now we offer an assortment of dropins/upgrades for Maglite® and Surefire® flashlights. I decided to try my hand at building my own flashlight. Early models were "Redneck" style, PVC bodied flashlights.& Ugly but serviceable. They still work to this day and are still ugly

Today Malkoff Devices builds high quality flashlights and dropins/upgrades utilized by Law Enforcement, Military, Emergency Personnel, and Outdoorsmen all over the world. Our products are built tough for real world use. We offer a lifetime warranty. If a Malkoff product ever fails in use. Please return it. We will repair/replace for no charge.

Photo kindly provided by one of our customers

Some of Our Current Offerings
Early Malkoff PVC Flashlight

Some customer reviews

  • "The light is AWESOME very bright and white."
  • "Very impressive beam. Fast shipping too."
  • "Very innovative light. Works great!"
  • "Wonderful light! Super fast shipping...keep hitting home runs!"
  • "Very impressive spot beam on the light. I live in the woods and having a hand-held beam with that kind of power is going to be really handy around here."
  • "Fine technical craftsmanship, quick shipping, awesome beam!"
  • "Very impressive beam. Fast shipping too."
  • "Very nice work."
  • "I want to congratulate you on a very nice light. The color is very white."
  • "I went outside to fire up your mod and WOW--the throw is killer."
  • "Very nice light, Great service"