Neutral MDC HA LMH Li-ion Rechargeable Head


Malkoff MDC Head expressly designed for a single Li-ion rechargeable cell.  The output is 375 OTF Lumens.  It is a tailcap controlled multimode head.

This head will fit Malkoff MDC Bodies and SureFire E Series lights.  The head is constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum and Type III Hard Black Anodized.

The head has a Black Type III Hard Anodized finish. They are fully potted and use the same reflector as the M61 for a good balance of throw and spill.  The LED is a Neutral White (4000K) 95 CRI Luminous SST-20.

This head was designed for use with a single Li-ion protected rechargeable cell or two primary CR123A batteries.

Mode of Operation:

The switch debounce time is 150 milliseconds. The mode will advance each time the light is momentarily activated and the switch debounce time has passed.

This light USES ON TIME to determine mode switching.  If the light is left ON for more than 1 second, the NEXT off/on cycle will return the light to low.  If the light is NOT LEFT ON for 1+ seconds the NEXT off/on cycle will advance the mode.  The off time has no relation to the mode switching of the light.  In most normal use, the light will always come on in low.

Summary of Modes:  15 lumens/75 lumens/375 lumens

Current Draw:  50 ma/270 ma/1450 ma

This upgrade was designed for rugged service from the ground up.  It is fully potted to stand up to rough service and recoil.  This item is covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

Things to Know Before Purchase:

This head was primarily designed for use with a single Li-ion protected rechargeable cell.  If you are not familiar with, and comfortable with, safety rules and issues regarding rechargeable Li-ion cells, do not use Li-ion cells.  Two primary CR123A cells are acceptable, but not ideal, due to high current draw (short runtimes, 15 minutes continuous) on high.

The input voltage is 3.4 - 6 volts.  Input voltages of more 6 volts may destroy this module.

This head is protected against reverse polarity.

WARNING: This light is capable of causing eye damage at close range. Please use the light responsibly!!!

Made in the USA. Some parts not domestically sourced.

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