Malkoff Hound Dog Super Flashlight


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Malkoff Devices Hound Dog Super Flashlight.  The Cool Variant produces produces 1700 (measured) Out The Front Lumens at turn on and 1600 (measured) continuous Out The Front Lumens. 

The Neutral Variant produces 1600 (measured) Out The Front Lumens at turn on and 1500 (measured) continuous Out The Front Lumens.

Use the Drop Down Menus above to Choose Tint Variant, Tailcap, and Head Only Options.

To Choose the Head Only Option, Be Sure to Click on the Tailcap NONE Option.  Otherwise it Will Show as Unavailable.

The Flashlight utilizes a 7 degree Optic.  The Lux is 75,000 at one meter (cool) and 70,000 (neutral).  This is a real long distance spotter with decent spill.  The LED is a Cree XP-L.  It will easily light objects at 1500+ feet.  It has a High/Low Switch installed and ready to go.  The High/Low output is controlled by head rotation.  The low output is approximately 80 lumens on two rechargeable Li-ion batteries and 120 lumens on four primary CR123 batteries.  The On/Off switch is a forward clicky with momentary function.

The input voltage is 7 - 12 Volts. 

The current draw at 7.4v is 2600ma.

The current draw at 12v is 1600ma.

It can use four primary lithium CR123 batteries or two to three Li-ion rechargeable batteries.  The runtime on high is approximately 1 hr  (on high) with two 3400 mah 18650's.  Four CR123 primaries will provide about 30 minutes full output runtime.

With the MD4 Body it is 8  1/2 inches in length with a 1 inch body diameter and 2.35 inch head diameter.

It is constructed of 6061 T6 Aluminum with Type III Black HA finish.  It is fully O-Ringed for weather tightness.  A shatter resistant Ultra Clear (AR coated) Acrylic Lens is included.

This Head was designed for rugged service from the ground up.  It is fully potted to stand up to rough service and recoil.

Things to Know Before Purchase:

If you plan to use rechargeable Li-ion cells.  Use only a name brand high quality rechargeable Li-ion cells.  Poor quality cells could be dangerous.  If you are not familiar with the safety rules of, or don't feel comfortable with, the use of rechargeable Li-ion cells, please do not use them.

If You Hunt Predators at 100+ Yards, this is the Head for you!

This Light is Designed for Maximum Reach.  If You are a White Wall Hunter, This is NOT the Head For You (it does not have a beautiful, symmetrical beam on a white wall).  On a white wall the beam has some rings and artifacts.  Outdoors they are hardly noticeable.

The optic is composed of a large homogeneous mass of PMMA.  When looking down at the optic some tiny inclusions and/or air bubbles may be observed.  Especially in the lower, outer edges of the optic.  This is normal and is not a defect in the optic.

The input voltage is 7 to 12 volts.  Below 7v the light will slowly decrease in output.  At which point the light will shut down.  Exceeding 14v may damage the head

The head is protected against reverse polarity.

This light is capable of causing eye damage at close range.  Please use the light responsibly!!!

Caution the Head of the Light WILL GET HOT (180* F after 30 minutes still air, ambient 74* F) during continuous use!!!  Please use safety precautions.  The temperature will be much lower if the light is hand held or mounted in a metal clamp.

Battery Warnings for Li-ion Cells (Not Included):

- Do Not overdischarge/overcharge

- Please recharge drained batteries ASAP

- Do Not short circuit

- Do Not dispose of in fire

- Do Not expose to extreme heat or water

- Please be familiar with the handling of Lithium-ion batteries prior to purchase

Made in the USA. Some parts not domestically sourced.

This item is covered by our Lifetime Warranty.