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Malkoff Cool Hound Dog XM-L Head Only

This flashlight has Head has a beam with a nice  hot spot and good spill.  The output is approximately 1200 (1300 momentary) measured Out the Front lumens on high and 80-120 OTF lumens (depending on voltage of batteries used) on low.  The High/Low is controlled by head rotation. The Head will easily illuminate objects at 1000+ feet with a generous room lighting spill. Lux at one meter is approximately 20,000.  The LED is a Cool White (6200K) Cree XM-L2.

This Listing is for the Head Only!

The input voltage is 5.5 - 12 Volts.  It can use two to four CR123 (output will be lower and runtime may be lowered to as little as 15 minutes on two CR123 primary cells) primary lithium cells or two to three rechargeable Li-ion cells (use quality protected cells only).  The current draw is approximately 1.5 Amps at 9 Volts and 1 Amp at 12 Volts.  The runtime on four CR123 primary cells is approximately 1 hour.  The runtime on two protected 3400 ma Li-ion 18650 cells is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours at full output.  

This Head was designed for rugged service from the ground up.  It is fully potted to stand up to rough service and recoil.

Head Diameter: 1.8 inches

Things to Know Before Purchase:

This Listing is for the Head Only!

The input voltage is 5.5 to 12 volts.  Exceeding 14v may damage the head

The head is protected against reverse polarity.

This light is capable of causing eye damage at close range.  Please use the light responsibly!!!

Battery Warnings for Li-ion Cells (Not Included):

- Do Not overdischarge/overcharge

- Please recharge drained batteries ASAP

- Do Not short circuit

- Do Not dispose of in fire

- Do Not expose to extreme heat or water

- Please be familiar with the handling of Lithium-ion batteries prior to purchase 

Made in the USA. Some parts not domestically sourced.

This item is covered by our Lifetime Warranty.