Malkoff Hound Dog 18650 XT Red Head Only

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This Flashlight Head has a Red beam with a nice tight hot spot and minor spill.  The output is approximately 300 measured Out the Front lumens on high and 30 OTF lumens on low.  The High/Low is controlled by head rotation.

This flashlight will illuminate objects at 450+ feet.  The Lux at one meter is approximately 28,000.  The wavelength of the red LED is 625 nanometers.

This Listing is for the Head Only! You Will Need a Malkoff MD2 Body and Tailcap Switch to Assemble a Complete Flashlight.

The runtime on a single 3500 ma Li-ion 18650 battery is approximately 1 hour at full output (down to 200 lumens).  Then another 45 minutes of bright output (down to 100 lumens) followed by several hours of declining output. 

This Head was designed for rugged service from the ground up.  It is fully potted to stand up to rough service and recoil.

Head Diameter: 1.8 inches

Things to Know Before Purchase:

This Listing is for the Head Only!

This Head is Designed for Maximum Reach in a Small Format. If You are a White Wall Hunter, This is NOT the Head For You. It does not have a beautiful, symmetrical beam on a white wall. It has artifacts, some rings, and the hot spot does not appear to be perfectly centered in the small square portion of the corona.  This is an artifact and does not reduce throw. In real life usage this artifact is hardly noticeable.   

The maximum input voltage is 6 volts.  Exceeding 6v will ruin the head

The head is protected against reverse polarity.

This light is capable of causing eye damage at close range.  Please use the light responsibly!!!

Battery Warnings for Li-ion Cell (Not Included):

- Do Not overdischarge/overcharge

- Please recharge drained batteries ASAP

- Do Not short circuit

- Do Not dispose of in fire

- Do Not expose to extreme heat or water

- Please be familiar with the handling of Lithium-ion batteries prior to purchase 

Made in the USA. Some parts not domestically sourced.

This item is covered by our Lifetime Warranty.