The MD Body Extender Kit is used to extend the interior dimensions of a MD series body to accommodate the longer length associated with longer rechargeable Li-ion batteries.

Malkoff Devices has observed that 18650 and 18500 sized rechargeable batteries are not held to a tight standard for nominal length.  The Kit includes two plastic Delrin rings.  The larger ring can also serve as a grip ring.  The smaller ring is a simple spacer.  The ring(s) are placed on the body below the Tail Cap O-ring.  Each ring extends the body by 1/8 inch.  Two rings can be stacked (one inside the other) for a total of 1/4 inch extension.

This Kit also includes two battery bumper O-rings.  One each is placed in front of and behind the rechargeable batteries.  The bumper rings help to alleviate damage to the switch and batteries sometimes associated with rough treatment of the light.